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Cisco AS5400 VoIP Gateway


The Cisco AS5400 VoIP Gateway provides cost-effective platforms that combine routing, remote access, voice gateway, firewall, and digital modem functionality.

The Cisco AS5400 VoIP Gateway achieve cost savings through optimized utilization of the universal port access infrastructure. This reduces the overall number of access ports as compared to data-only and voice-only ports required to deliver services to a specific number of customers. Savings in access port capacity are compounded by savings in the number of trunks required to deliver QoS to customers, as well as reduced maintenance and operation expenses. Improved utilization increases the effective density of Cisco AS5400 VoIP Gateway and the overall number of users each can serve.

Cisco AS5400 VoIP Gateway Data Sheet - CLICK HERE

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Current Cisco AS5400 VoIP Gateway Models:



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