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Cisco AS5400HPX VoIP Gateway


The Cisco AS5400 Series consists of two models, the Cisco AS5400 VoIP Gateway and the Cisco AS5400HPX VoIP Gateway. The Cisco AS5400 VoIP Gateway offers unparalleled dial capacity and scalability for MLPPP, L2TP, and V.120 sessions, whereas the Cisco AS5400HPX VoIP Gateway provides enhanced performance for processor-intensive voice and fax applications.

The Cisco AS5400HPX VoIP Gateway support a wide range of IP-based value-added services including high-volume Internet access, regional or branch-office connectivity, corporate VPNs, long distance for Internet service providers (ISPs), international wholesale long distance, distributed prepaid calling, Signaling System 7 (SS7) interconnect, and enhanced voice services.

Cisco AS5400HPX VoIP Gateway Data Sheet - CLICK HERE

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Current Cisco AS5400HPX VoIP Gateway Models:


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