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Which of the following best describes your current VoIP needs?

We are looking to install a VoIP phone system in our office

We are looking for VoIP phone service and do not need a phone system.

How many simultaneous calls or "lines" do you want your VoIP phone system to be able to handle?

How many individual phones or " extensions" will you be connecting to this voice over IP phone system?

Is there currently a data network or "LAN" where you wish to have the voice over IP phone system installed?

Yes, we have a LAN

No, we do not have a LAN

When do you intend to have the voice over IP phone system installed?


Within a few months

Between 3 to 6 months

In more than 6 months

Are you interested in receiving informatioin on service and / or maintenacne contracts for your VoIP phone system?

Yes - We are interested in leasing/financing options for our VoIP phone system.

No - We are not interested in leasing/financing optioins for our VoIP phone system.

Please describe in detail any additional requirements you may have for your VoIP phone system.

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